7th Cavalry Brigade (1941-42)
Platoon of the 12th Rosiori Regiment during 1940. One of the soldiers is carrying a ZB-30 LMG
  • 11th Motorized Rosiori Regiment
  • 12th Rosiori Regiment Bazargic
  • 9th Calarasi Regiment
  • 5th Horse Artillery Regiment
  • 5th AT and AA Squadron
  • 5th Machine-gun Squadron
  • 5th Mortar Squadron
  • 5th Signals Squadron
  • 5th Mechanized Recon Squadron
  • 5th Pioneer Squadron
  • 45th Police Platoon
  • 45th Ambulance Section
  • 45th Horse Sickbay
  • 45th Truck Company
  • 45th Supply Group
  • 45th Munitions Group

On 15 March 1942 it was reorganized and transformed into the 7th Cavalry Division.

Author: Victor Nitu
Romanian Military Archives, 1st Armored Division Fund, File No. 137, page 152
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