1st Cavalry Division (1943-45)
Soldiers from the 2nd Rosiori Regiment in Hungary. One can observe the large variety of submachine-guns used by the Romanian cavalry at that date: MP 40, MP 41, PPSh-41, Orita, Beretta 38 A
  • 11th Motorized Calarasi Regiment
  • 1st Rosiori Regiment General Corp de Armata Alexandru Averescu
  • 2nd Rosiori Regiment Prunaru
  • 5th Rosiori Regiment Imparatul Nicolae al II-lea
  • 1st Horse Artillery Regiment

After the merger with the remains of the 7th Cavalry Division in March 1943, the unit was named 1/7th Cavalry Division, until 31 July 1943, when it returned to the original name of 1st Cavalry Division.

Initially, the reorganization plan called for a transformation into an armored cavalry division, but it was modified in 1944 for a motorized cavalry division, due to the lack of a sufficient number of tanks. However, the reequipping process was not finished until 23 August 1944 and the unit remained only partially motorized. It went on to serve mostly as an infantry unit during the anti-Axis campaign.

Author: Victor Nitu

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