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Posted by: simplex May 05, 2017 06:00 am
Note: This is not a book about Romania also it might be of interest for Romanians (see the case of the aviation pioneer Traian Vuia) because it disproofs based on primary sources (old documents which exist in archives) that the Wright brothers were seen flying in 1904 by somebody who claimed repeatedly, starting with January 1, 1905, he had witnessed the two inventors traveling through the air.

Those who have time can read a book like no other that has ever been written about the alleged Wright brothers' flights performed between December 17, 1903, and October 5, 1905.

I know that few people have heard about Amos I. Root of Medina, Ohio, USA, but this owner of a factory for beekeeping supplies is the main witness of the two aeroplanists, his account being the principal story on which the myth of the Wright brothers, as inventors of the airplane, is based.

In a January 1, 1905, article, published in his periodical "Gleanings in Bee Culture", Root claimed he had seen Wilbur Wright flying in a circuit somewhere near Dayton, on September 20, 1904.

However, if you read the letters of Amos I. Root to the Wrights plus the numerous articles in which he mentions them (all these texts are attached to the present book), you remark that this man from Medina did not see any powered flight on September 20, 1904. He was just a victim of the lies spread by the two Daytonians and, at the same time, of his own obsession with heavier than air flying machines. Root was also a person who wished to get a (fraudulent) place in the history of aviation believing that the effort of reminding repeatedly his readers, he had witnessed the first circular flight ever performed by a man carrying plane, would make his account more credible and finally his story would become an accepted truth.

Fortunately, Root's lies have been uncovered.

The addresses from where you can download the book:

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