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Posted by: Vici May 13, 2016 07:33 am
For sale
"Eastern Front" set:
7 fired cases (all brass) and 6 fired bullets

4 cases are caliber 7,92 Mauser:

2 Romanian, produced in
1938 by PA: Pirotehnia Armatei Bucuresti
1943 by CMC: Copsa Mica - Cugir (this one has a crack and is a bit deformed)
German, produced in 1938 by Polte (factory code B 38 2 V)
Hungarian, produced in 1944 by Csepel (factory code AH)

2 cases are caliber 7,62x54R (Mosin Nagant)
Soviet produced in 1939 by Frunze (factory code 60)
Finnish produced in 1942 by Lapua (factory code VPT)

1 case is caliber 8x56R Mannlicher
Hungarian, produced in 1938 by Csepel (factory code AH)

4 of the fired bullets are caliber 7,92 Mauser with copper clad steel jacket and steel core
2 of the fired bullets are caliber 7,62x54R Mosin Nagant with copper clad steel jacket and lead core

All these items are inert, they were fired, do not contain any powder or explosives.

Price is 100 lei plus shipping. (or best offer). I will not ship outside Romania. Post here if you're interested or send me a PM.

Click below for large size images

Posted by: Vici June 15, 2016 10:38 am
Reduced the price

Posted by: dobre13 January 25, 2018 12:24 pm

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