lt. av. Emil Georgescu


Liaison Pilot/Bomber Observer

Born: 1919


* from October 1944, the 5th Bomber Group was reduced to only a few airplanes, which were joined with the 2nd Long Range Recon Squadron and formed the Mixed Bomber-Recon Squadron

Combat missions: 65 liaison + 165 bomber

Victories: 1


War episode:

On 4 October 1943, lt. av. Georgescu was commanding the Ju-88A4 no.130, flown by slt. av. Victor Toma. They were part of an 8 aircraft formation from the 5th Bomber Group, which had the mission to bomb Soviet artillery positions near Waldorf. The AAA barrage was very strong, but Romanian bombers managed to drop their load on the target and get away without losses. On the way back, they were attacked by 6 Yak-7s. During the following battle, lt. av. Emil Georgescu, smtr. cl. a 2-a Nicolae Serea and serg. Iacob Ivanov shot down one of the Soviet fighters.

Died: 1997, Bucharest


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