Romanian Armed Forces
in the Second World War
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50mm Brandt mortar model 1937
60mm Brandt mortar model 1935
25mm Puteaux anti-tank gun model 1937
81.4mm Brandt mortar model 1927/31
81.4mm Brandt mortar model 1939
37mm Bofors anti-tank gun model 1936
47mm Breda anti-tank gun model 1935
47mm Bohler anti-tank gun model 1935
50mm Pak 38 anti-tank gun model 1938
75mm Pak 97/38 anti-tank gun model 1897/38
75mm Pak 40 anti-tank gun model 1940
75mm DT-UDR 26 anti-tank gun model 1943
75mm Schneider field gun model 1897
75mm Schneider-Putilov field gun model 1902/36
75mm Skoda field gun model 1928
76mm field gun model 1942
105mm Schneider field gun model 1936
100mm Skoda field howitzer model 1934
105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1898/09
105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1912
105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1916
105mm Krupp field howitzer model 1918/40
105mm Skoda field howitzer model 1940/43
120mm De Bange field howitzer model 1878
122mm field howitzer model 1910/30
150mm Skoda field howitzer model 1934
75mm Skoda mountain gun model 1915
75mm Schneider mountain gun model 1906/09
76.2mm Putilov mountain gun model 1909
100mm Skoda mountain howitzer model 1916
105mm Bohler mountain howitzer model 1940
13.2mm Hotchkiss antiaircraft machine-gun model 1931
25mm Hotchkiss antiaircraft gun model 1939
20mm Oerlikon antiaircraft gun model 1928
20mm Gustloff antiaircraft gun model 1938
37mm Rheinmetall antiaircraft gun model 1939
40mm Bofors antiaircraft gun model 1930
75mm Vickers antiaircraft gun model 1936/39
76.5mm Skoda antiaircraft gun model 1925
88mm Krupp antiaircraft gun model 1936
155mm Schneider field gun model 1917
75mm Schneider-Putilov field gun model 1902/36
75mm Schneider-Putilov field gun model 1902/36.
75mm Schneider-Putilov field gun model 1902/36. Notice the damage caused by the shell explosion inside the breech.
At the end of World War 1, the Romanian Army had a number of 76.2mm Putilov model 1902 field guns captured from the Russian Army. Starting with 1936, for caliber standardization of the various guns in service, the existing Putilov guns were retubed for the 75mm round. The resulting artillery piece, the quick firing Schneider-Putilov model 1902/36 field gun, serviced the artillery regiments of the infantry divisions.
Barrel length2250mm
Weight in action1965kg
Shell weight7.45kg
Muzzle velocity590m/s
Vertical field of fire-6 to +17
Horizontal field of fire3
Max range11000m
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