slt. av. Florin Vasilovschi

Bomber Pilot

Born: 10 May 1919, Lespezi


  • 25 May - 15 August 1943: 6th Bomber Group
  • 15 - 20 August 1943: 5th Bomber Group

Combat missions: 25

Victories: -

Decorations: N/A

War episode:

On 20 August 1943, a bomber formation from the 5th Bomber Group attacked the village of Bogorodizhnoye, which was defended by a powerful AAA. The Ju-88A4 no.117 flown by slt. av. Florin Vasilovschi was hit and the left engine caught fire. The automatic fire-extinguisher managed to put it out. However, the propeller could not be blocked and it continued to spi, slowing down the aircraft and making things even worse for the pilot. Because they were protected by two fighters, slt. av. Vasilovschi decided to try to make it to friendly lines. Only then did the observer see that he had been wounded and was seriously bleeding. The airplane was steadily loosing altitude and as they passed over the river Donetsk it was pretty close to the ground. The pilot finally managed to put it down near Kramatorskaya. He died during after the forced landing and two of the crewmembers were severely wounded, but they were immediately taken to a field hospital, by nearby Romanian troops. Slt. av. Florin Vasilovschi saved his crew with the price of his own life.

Died: 20 August 1943


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