adj. maj. av. (r) Vasile Pascu

Fighter/Assault Pilot

Born: 1918


  • spring 1942 - 10 May 1943: 8th Fighter Group
  • 11 May 1943 - 10 October 1944: 8th Assault Group
  • 11 October 1944 - 12 May 1945: 8th Assault/Dive Bomber Group

Combat missions: 225

Victories: 3 probable


  • Virtutea Militara Medal 2nd class
  • Virtutea Aeronautica Order Knight class with one bar

War episode:

The first USAAF raid over Romania, Operation Halpro tok place on 12 June 1942. It generated a lot of confusion among the defenders. At 0400 hours, several of the 13 Liberators passed over Târgsor airfield. The alarm patrulã from the 41st Fighter Squadron took off to intercept them. They followed them through the flak and got separated. Adj. av. Vasile Pascu cought up with one bomber, together with a German fighter. They both fired on it and they saw it go down in the Danube Delta. Pascu was credited with a probable kill.

Fate unknown


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