slt. av. Vasile Nasturas

Assault Pilot

Born: 24 June 1918, Galati


  • ? - 14 September 1944: 8th Assault Group

Combat missions: N/A

Victories: -


  • Virtutea Aeronautica Order Gold Cross class

War episode:

In the afternoon of 14 September 1944, 8 Hs-129B2s of the 8th Assault Group attacked a tank and truck column heading south from Cluj. They launched 6 tons of bombs and fired 295 gun and 1,247 machine-gun shots. 18 tanks and armored cars laid burning on the road. The light AAA, however, took its toll. Two Henschels were hit and had to make forced landings. The no. 106 flown by slt. av. Vasile Nasturas exploded during the crash near Turda.

Died: 14 September 1944, Turda KIA


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