slt. av. Nicolae Sixtus Maxim

Bomber Observer

Born: 14 September 1919, Ighiu


  • September - 28 November 1942: 1st Bomber Group

Combat missions: 33

Victories: -


  • Virtutea Aeronautica Order Gold Cross class

War episode:

On 28 November 1942, during a bombing mission, the JRS-79B no. 117, which was under the command of slt. av. Sixtus Maxim was attacked by several VVS fighters. It went down in the Naumov-Petrovka area. Only four of the five crew members managed to bailout in time. They were taken prisoners by nearby Soviet troops. A long and very hard period of detention followed. Sixtus Maxim returned to Romania in 1949.

He is presently living in Brasov

Picture from "Aripi Romanesti" no. 37/1943

Slt. av. Nicolae Sixtus Maxim exiting a bomb shelter on the front


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