adj. maj. av. Petre Ionescu-Conta

Fighter/Liaison/Transport/Assault Pilot

Born: 14 July 1940


  • November 1940 - July 1941: 6th Fighter Group
  • July 1941 - April 1943: 112th Liaison Squadron
  • July 1943 - January 1944: Air Transport Group
  • October 1944 - February 1945: 8th Assault/Dive Bomber Group
  • February - 12 May 1945: 4th Bureau of the Romanian Air Corps' staff

Combat missions: fighter N/A + 500 hours liaison + 150 hours transport + 150 hours assault

Victories: -


  • Virtutea Aeronautica Order Gold Cross class

War episode:

Following a strain on his eye muscles, which occurred because of a maneouver on a combat mission, he was reassigned to the 112th Liaison Squadron. On one of the many missions he flew in 1941 carrying staff officers, written orders, mail etc., he was attacked by VVS fighters but managed to evade them, even though his airplane was unarmed. After landing safely on the airfield adj. av. Petre Ionescu-Conta found bullet holes in the propeller and in the tail.

Died: 23 September 1999


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