slt. av. Rene Gânescu

Bomber Pilot

Born: 1 December 1918, Crivesti


  • 22 June 1942 - 25 July 1942: 5th Bomber Group

Combat missions: 30

Victories: 1


  • Virtutea Aeronautica Order Gold Cross class with two bars
  • Eiserne Kreuz Order 2nd class

War episode:

On 16 August 1941, the He-111H flown by slt. av. Rene Ganescu was part of a formation that attacked Soviet troop concentrations in the vicinity of Odessa. They were attacked by several I-16s. One of the VVS fighters was shot down by the machine-gunners on Gânescu's bomber and fell east of the Dniester River.

Died: 25 July 1942, Pipera, airplane accident


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Relative  (22 April 2008)
He started on the 22 June 1941, not 1942.
I have a picture of Ganescu now, and It will soon be posted here.

He is burried in Gencea Military Cemetary in Bucharest