lt. av. Serghei Ciachir

Recon Pilot

Born: 12 September 1917, Soldatesti, Orhei


  • 6 September 1942 - September 1944: 19th Observation Squadron
  • September 1944 - 12 May 1945: 11th Observation Squadron

Combat missions: N/A

Victories: -


  • Virtutea Aeronautica Order Gold Cross class

War episode:

In April 1945, lt. av. Ciachir's crew received the mission to assist the Romanian artillery in destroying some German guns, which were making a lot of problems to the infantry on the river Vah, in Slovakia. The slow and fragile IAR-39 took off from Piestany and headed to the designated area, where the Romanian troops had started another attack, in order to force the German artillery to give away its position. The observer transmitted the coordinates to the Romanian batteries. They remained in the area in order to correct their fire and soon the German guns had been silenced. Lt. av. Ciachir flew back to base, after he and his crew have accomplished another mission and saved many lives.

Died: July 2003, Bucharest


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