lt. av. Romulus Bucsa

Recon Pilot/Observer

Born: January 1920, Sibiu


  • September 1942 - June 1944: 2nd Long Range Recon Squadron

Combat missions: 64

Victories: -


  • Virtutea Aeronautica Order Knight class
  • Eiserne Kreuz 2nd class

War episode:

On 29 August 1943,slt. av. Romulus Bucsa was flying as an observer and mission commander. The lone Ju-88D1 was attacked by VVS fighters near Rostov and it was hit several times, catching fire. Slt. Bucsa and the machine-gunners managed to drive the attackers off, but the aircraft was in a very difficult situation. The pilot, slt. av. Cornel Constantinescu managed to make a belly landing near Taganrog. The crew got away pretty cheap with only several bruises.

He is presently living in Bucharest


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