Paper through which cpt. av. Alexandru Manoliu was awarded the "Virtutea Aeronautica" Order with swords Knight class and the first and second bars to the Gold Cross class

The text reads:

"Michael I

Through the grace of God and the will of the nation, King of Romania

To all present and future, good health

Wishing to reward the deeds of cpt. av. Manoliu Alexandru, from the 1st Fighter Flotilla, for the bravery and heroism he displayed in the ground attack at Ialoveni, when he destroyed four enemy aircraft. In an air battle at Vigoda he shot down an enemy aircraft fighter missions. For the courage shown in the 47 war missions.

We award him the Order "Virtutea Aeronautica" with swords Gold Cross class with the first and second bar and the Knight class and we give him this paper written by us and made official by our royal seal.

Given at Bucharest on 20 February 1942."

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