Victory claim made by adj. av. Alexandru Moldoveanu and the order through which it was confirmed

The document on the left side is the declaration through which adj. av. Alexandru Moldoveanu (57th Fighter Squadron/7th Fighter Group) claims a Soviet bomber shot down on 12 August 1941. On the right side there is the order through which the victory was confirmed.

The text on the left side reads:

"I, adj. av. Moldoveanu Alexandru from the 7th Fighter Group, 57th Squadron, declare the following:

On 12 August 1941 at about 16 hours, I was part of the patrulă [Romanian for Schwarm] lead by lt. Bocsan I. which had the mission to provide fighter cover to the ground troops.

At our arrival in the sector, we saw 12 Soviet bombers escorted by 12 fighters moving towards North-West.

We approached to identified them and and attacked the lstarting with the last and finnishing with the first bomber patrulă.

I fired in three bombers of which one pulled out its landing gear. In the same time I was hit in the cockpit, my window being perforated on both sides.

During the second attack on the bombers, I saw that the bomber on which I have fired was quitting the formation and was leaving a trail of smoke. I couldn't follow him because there were two fighters behind me. The bombers made a 180 degrees turn in disorder, heading back without acomplishing their mission.

When I returned from the mission I didn't report that I have shot down a bomber, because I was not sure it had fallen. After I received the confirmation of the ground troops I gave this declaration."

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