TAs assault gun (drawing)
Between November 1943 and August 1944 Germany delivered 108 Sturmgesch├╝tz III Ausf G that were distributed to the 1st Armoured Division, the 8th Motorised Cavalry Division and the Armoured Detachment of the 4th Army, under the designation "TAs" (Tun de Asalt, Assault Gun). Several examples were also delivered to the Mechanised Training Centre in Targoviste. They were assembled in Germany by mounting a 75mm gun on the chassis of the Panzerkampfwagen III medium tank. The first version was build in 1940 using the chassis of Pzkpfw III F on which was mounted a 75mm low velocity gun. It was used with success during the campaign in France and by the time of invasion of Soviet Union in 1941 there was a number of 400 assault guns in the German Army. It was very popular for its low profile and the thick front armour that even allowed it to engage enemy tanks in spite of the inadequate gun. The latest version, Stug III G, was build between December 1942 and March 1945 and had improved armour protection (80mm of front armour, additional side shields, antimagnetic cement) and a 75mm anti-tank gun. The assault guns of the 1st Armoured Division saw action during the battle of Moldavia and the Iassy-Khisinev operation, but those of the 8th Cavalry never saw action as they were seized by the Germans on 22 August and formed the Braun Armoured Detachment. Most of the armoured vehicles of the 1st Armoured Division, including assault guns, were captured by the Soviets during 23-28 August, in spite of the fact that Romanian troops have ceased hostilities. The remaining TAs were used against Germans in the liberation of Romanian territory and with the 2nd Tank Regiment in the operations in Czechoslovakia and Austria.

TypeMaybach HL 120 TRM
GearboxZF SSG 77, 5+1
Max road speed40km/h
Max cross-country speed24km/h
Vertical obstacle0.6m
Trench crossing2.3m
Fording depth0.8m
Road range155km
Main1 x 75mm StuK 40 L/48 gun
Ammunition54 rounds
Secondary2 x 7.92mm MG34 / MG42 mg
Front50mm[+30mm] or 80mm
Side30mm [+11mm]

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