Romanian Armed Forces
in the Second World War
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Small arms
9mm Beretta pistol model 1934
9mm P-38 (Walther) pistol model 1938
9mm Luger pistol model 1908
9mm Steyr pistol model 1912
7.92mm ZB rifle model 1924
7.92mm Mauser rifle model 1898
7.92mm ZB light machine-gun model 1930
7.92mm Maschinengewehr 34 light machine-gun
7.92mm ZB 53 machine-gun model 1937
8mm Schwartzlose machine-gun model 1907/12
7.62mm Maxim-rus machine-gun model 1910
Pignone flamethrower model 1937
9mm Browning pistol model 1910/22
7.62mm T.T. pistol model 1933
7.62mm Nagant revolver model 1895
6.5mm Mannlicher rifle model 1893
8mm Mannlicher rifle model 1895
Submachine guns
8mm Mannlicher rifle model 1895
Mannlicher rifle model 1895.
Bayonet of Mannlicher rifle model 1895.
Weight w/o bayonet3.5kg
Barrel length765mm
Length w/o bayonet1272mm
Length w/ bayonet1518mm
Rifling grooves4
Length of bayonet362.2mm
Cartridge model 1895
Diameter of bullet8.2mm
Weight of bullet15.72gr
Length of bullet31.8mm
Muzzle velocity600m/s
Magazine model 1890
Weight with 5 cartidges165gr
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