CB class submarines
CB-class submarine.

Ships: CB 1, CB 2, CB 3, CB 4, CB 6

On 30 November 1943 was created the 2nd Submarine Squadron, composed of five CB Italian midget subs, but which were in poor condition. Only two of these became operational by 1 July 1944. They carried out only observation missions at 30 miles from the coast. One of them was sunk during a Soviet air-attack on 20 August 1944.

Displacement on surface36t
Displacement in imersion45t
Max speed on surface7 knots
Max speed in imersion7.5 knots
Range450 miles
Torpedo tubes2 x 450mm
Engine typeDiesel - Issota Fraschini 90 hp
Electric - Brown-Bowery 100 hp

Author: Victor Nitu
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